These are the terms of use for the game bobbl Quiz published by House of Quiz IVS (HOQ), Gydebakken 9, 3520 Farum, Denmark, VAT-ID: 36044535.

These terms govern the legal relationship between HOQ and you as a user of the game, regardless of the platform on which you play bobbl QUIZ, and regardless of whether you have accessed the game via a web browser, Facebook or downloaded the game as an app.

By creating a user profile, you hereby enter into a contract with HOQ on the basis of the terms of this agreement.

bobbl QUIZ was developed for the purpose of entertainment and can therefore not be used as a reference work. Questions and answers should therefore be treated with reservations. We primarily see bobbl QUIZ as an educational product, as the starting point for any user would be to try to answer correctly, thereby challenging the user's knowledge.

Registration as a player with HOQ is done by submitting a username, a password and an email address. If you want to play as a guest via an app, your data is tied to your device and will not be transferred to a new device. You can transfer your data from a guest account to an email address that is not already in use in bobbl QUIZ at any time:

If you want to use the game, you vouch for the following:

that the information you submit to us is correct and that you will update this information when it is required,
that you are at least 13 years old,
that if you buy bobbls (our virtual currency), you are legally allowed to do so,
that if you download the game, it is for entertainment purposes only,
that you will not copy, sublease, license, lend, sell, trade with or otherwise exploit the game or the content of the game - including images, questions and answers,
that you will not reverse engineer or attempt to access the source code of the game or monitor communication between the game and the game's backend,
that you will not attempt to manipulate or modify data sent between the game and the game's backend,
that you will not modify the data that the game stores in order to modify the game,
that you will not use the game for any illegal activities,
that you will not use the game to distribute information that in the sole opinion of HOQ is obscene, violent, threatening, defamatory, discriminatory or in any way offensive,
that you will not upload profile images that in any way may be considered offensive or likely to infringe on the rights of others, and that the responsibility for any infringement lies solely with you,
that you will not use the game to distribute information that infringes or is likely to infringe on any intellectual property rights,

You accept these terms by downloading the game, regardless of which device it is played on or where it is downloaded from.

We will collect personal data about you in connection with you playing bobbl QUIZ, as this is necessary in order to ensure that you can play against others and navigate in-game. You can find our personal data policy here.

As long as the game is available, you can play for free in the "Random category" - here, HOQ decides the questions that will come up as you challenge others in the quiz format.

By playing the game, you earn bobbls, which is our virtual currency. bobbls can only be used to gain entry to in-game features that will allow you to access the specific categories that you want to challenge your friends and family in.

If you have not earned enough bobbls, these can be purchased with the currencies offered by our partners in your country. The purchase takes place via the platforms that we collaborate with, for example Apple and Google.

When you unlock a category, you pay for the work that has been done to prepare the category and make it available, including the work that has been done to gather information and categorize it, and you thereby buy the right to obtain the questions in that category from our servers.

Certain categories, especially those that are sponsored, may only be available for a limited period.

bobbls can never be exchanged back into money and they can only be used in bobbl QUIZ. If your account has been inactive for 5 years, your bobbls will be deleted without you having a claim against HOQ.

If you choose to play as a "Guest" and choose to buy bobbls, those bobbls will be tied to your device. If you change device, you may not be able to transfer your profile and bobbls. It is therefore recommended that you create a profile by logging in with an email address that has not been used in the game before - in that way, you ensure that your guest profile is transferred before you change device.

To the extent that you are offered the possibility to send messages to your opponent, this feature must always be used respectfully.

You may not use the chat feature to send messages that may appear offensive or messages that are in any way likely to infringe on other people or their rights. Advertisements for products, both virtual and physical, are also not allowed in the messages.

By accepting the terms of use, we provide you with a non-exclusive, non-licensable and non-transferable right to play the game for your enjoyment only.

By using the game, you acquire no rights to questions, answers, trademarks, symbols and images used in the game. It is specified that you only have a licensed right to use them.

Although this quiz contains questions about trademarks, companies, organizations, or makes use of images of people, logos, or places, these are in no way associated with bobbl QUIZ. We have taken the liberty - on the basis of e.g. the rules of fair use - of using names, logos and images, as bobbl QUIZ is to be considered an educational tool.

Of course, these trademarks and copyrights belong to the respective owners at all times, and the fact that persons and trademarks are depicted does in no way mean that they represent or recommend the use of bobbl QUIZ - or vice versa. The images are used as content as in any other medium, printed or transmitted.

We see the quiz solely as a great way to absorb new knowledge and therefore as a form of educational tool to disseminate knowledge. It is also specified that all questions and answers are produced for entertainment purposes only.

When a category includes images of individuals, one or more questions in this category will be about that person.

We are grateful to have been able to download and use images from the following sites:

Freeimages, URL:
Pixabay, URL:
Storyblocks, URL:
Unsplash, URL:

We have also used images that are published under “public domain” and “Fair Use” licenses or where the copyright owner has published the image using the license form “Creative Commons” CC-BY and CC-BY-SA. In those cases, a copyright note will be added to the work where appropriate.

A complete list can be found here:

Read more about creative commons on their website:

HOQ neither can nor will guarantee that the game is error-free. HOQ will make every effort to ensure that no errors occur in the game and we will correct any errors as soon as possible. You cannot claim compensation or get your bobbls refunded in the event of an error. In rare cases, HOQ reserves the right to close down the game for a limited period of time in order to perform updates and improvements.

HOQ’s liability for compensation is at all times limited to the amount that you have used to purchase bobbls in the last three months before the claim for compensation was made.

HOQ may at any time, at its own discretion, refuse you to play bobbl QUIZ if HOQ has determined that you have failed to comply with the terms of this Agreement. By not complying with the terms, you waive the right to receive a refund of bobbls that you may have earned or purchased.

The terms of this agreement are governed by Danish law and any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably must be settled at the venue in Denmark where HOQ is domiciled.

HOQ reserves the right to update these terms at any time.

If you have any questions or complaints about the content and functionality of bobbl QUIZ, please write to [email protected]